In accordance with the obligations arising from national and Community legislation for the protection of personal data, this site protects and respects the confidentiality of visitors and users.
This Privacy Policy applies to online activities of this website and it is valid for website visitors and users only.


With the use of this website visitors accept the present privacy policy and consent to the processing of their personal data in connection with the terms and purposes as outlined below.


For “processing of personal data” is meant: recording, file, organization, retrieving, selection, extraction, comparison, processing, use, modification, interconnection, blocking, communication, cancellation and destruction, or the mix of two of more operations.

The processing of personal data, in addition to purposesrelated, instrumentalandnecessary in providing theservice, is designed to:

  1. Collect nameless data and informationin orderto verify the properoperation of the siteand carry outinvestigations concerning the degreeofuser satisfactionin relationto the offered services
    None of this informationis relatedto the userof the site anddoes notin any wayallowthe identification

  1. collectdataand informationin order to protectthesecurity of the site ( spam filters, firewall, virus detecting) and of users
    Data are recordedautomatically, and may also includepersonal information ( Ip address) that could be usedin accordance with theapplicable laws, in orderto blockattemptsof damageto the site itselforharmto others orprejudicial activitiesthatconstitute an offense.

Thesedataare never usedfor the identificationofthe user profileandare periodically canceled.

  1. communicatethe datato thirdpartiesthatperform necessaryfunctions to the operationof the service, in particular for the supply of paid services, you must send your tax submissionandbilling address to servicesandconnected partners.

  2. collect personal data andinformation in generalandonuser preferences; sendinformation and commercial offers, including third; advertising and informative material; make commercial communications including interactive; to carry out directsales or placementofproductsorservices; elaborate studiesorstatistics on sales, customersand otherinformationand possibly, communicate thesame to third parties; transfer to third partiesthe collected and processeddatafor business purposes includingthe sale or attemptedsale, or for all legal, commercialand/orstatistical purposes 

Thesedata, which may include theIPandotheridentification data, are usedin order toallow thirdpartiesto sendthrough this siteto user’s browser,ads relatedto users’ interests and to measure the effectivenessof advertising messages. These adsmaybepresentedon otheradvertising circuit sites ( remarketing or retargeting).

Thedata processing is donethroughautomated tools tostore, manageandtransmit the data,toensure their safetyas well asconfidentiality.


Asmany websites, presentsite also usesthe log filein whichare storedin automatedinformation collectedduringcustomer visits. The information collectedin these filesmay be as follows:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address

  • Type of browser

  • Parametersof the deviceused toconnect to thesite

  • Nameof the Internet serviceprovider

  • Date and time of visit

  • Web page (referral) and outputof the visitor

  • Possibly,the numberof clicks

Thesedata are usedto analyzeuser trends, administer thesite, track user behaviorandcollectdemographic data. Thesedataare notrelatedin any wayto user identity.

The site maycollectdata in the eventofvoluntary useofservicesby users, such as services of comments, of communication, ( chat, modules for contacts, and sending email) purchasing services (shopping card). These data can be: 

  • Name and surname

  • Date of birth

  • Email address

  • Residence address

  • VAT number and/or tax code

  • Branch and company

  • Symbol (avatar)

  • Social profiles

  • Geographical location

 The provision of datais optional, butwithoutconferringsome services may notbe supplied.

Fiscal dataare requiredin order touse the provided services for a feeandbilling.

The data arevoluntarily provided bythe timeof the service requestorcomment, and thenwiththe inclusionofthis serviceyou agree totheprivacy policyandconsent to the useof your data entered, includingany disclosureto third parties,ifnecessary for the provisionof the service. These data will beusedonlytoprovide the servicerequired andwill be usedonly for the timeneededto deliver the service. Usersdeclinethissitefrom any liabilityregarding anyviolationsoflaws. The user mustmake sure toverify to have permissionforthe inclusionofpersonal datatothird parties or protected content bynational and international standards.

The datacollected from the sitearekept at the headquartersof thedata controller fortimerequiredby applicablelaw andtreatedby employeesand/orthird partiesappointed by the latter which carry out those activities under his direct supervision and responsibility.

The data collectedfrom the sitewill not beprovided to third parties, unlessthere isalegitimate demandon the part of'judicial authority and only in casesprovided by law. The data may be provided to third parties if this is necessary for the provision of a service requested by the user orforsafety checksperformanceorsiteoptimization. Announcementsposted on this siteare provided underagreementswiththirdenterprises usingdatacollecteddirectly (oursiteacts as amere intermediary). These data don’t contain name, address, email address or telephone number and thesedataare used toprovide advertisementsabout goods and customer services. Formore information about theseservices, please read the information provided byother companies, in whichare appropriateoptions to disablethecollection ofinformationby thesecompanies.

You can findinformationon the followingweb pages: 


This site also makes use of cookies, text files that allow you to keep info on users’ preferences, to verify the correct website operation and to improve its features by customizing the content based on the type of browser, to simplify the navigation by automating procedures (es. Login, language of the site) and for the analysis of the use of the site by visitors.

This web site uses the following categories of cookie:

  • Session cookiesare essential tobe able to distinguishthe connected user and are usefulto prevent arequired functionality that canbeprovided to the wrong user as well asfor security purposesto preventattackson thesite. Session cookiesdo not containpersonal informationand lastonly for thecurrent session, that is,until you close thebrowseror until the supply of the service. Consent is not needed.

  • Functionality cookie are strictly necessaryforthe useof the site,

relatedto a user’s request (Login). They don’t need consent.

  • Analytics cookie are used to check the proper functioning of the website and the correct user’s behavior in order to optimize the site.

  • Cookie profiling and remarketing set, are used only by different organizations from the holder of this site to gather information about the behavior and users’ interests and in order to provide personalized advertising.

Web beacons, clear GIF, page tags e web bug

They are particular technologies similar to cookies that enable advertising channels to collect users’ information and data related to their online behavior in order to address personalized advertising. It isn’t possible to disable these technologies but cookies disabling will limit the functionality of these technologies.

Using the site, the visitor agrees to use cookies and similar technologies.


Cookies are connected to the browser and CAN BE DIRECTLY DISABLED FROM THE BROWSER, thusrevokingtheconsent to the useof cookies. Disablingcookies mayprevent the properuse of some featuresof the sitein particularthesocial plug-ins and google maps will not be viewable.

You can find Instructions fordisabling cookies, andforthe eventual eliminationofcookiesonyour device already, from the following Web pages:

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You can find more information about cookiesand how tomanage themat the . 


This site acts as an intermediary also for third-party cookies (as buttons for social networks), used in order to provide additional services and functionality to visitors and to improve the use of the site.
This privacy policy does not apply to services provided by third parties and this website has no control over their cookies, managed by third parties. The sale contract data takes directly place between the user and the third party, so, the acquisition of consent for these cookies happens to third parties. Information on the use of cookies and their purpose, as well as on how to disable up, are provided by the third parties to the following pages.

In particular, this site uses cookies from the following third parties.


  • Google Analytics cookie: Google Analytic is an analysis tool of Google that collectsbrowsing anonymousdata through the useofperformance cookies, in order to examine the useof the siteby users, tocompile reports onthe websiteactivitiesand to provide other information, including the numberof visited pages. Google can also transfer this information to third parties if this is required by law or if such third parties treat information for Google. Google will not associate the IP address with any other data held by Google.
  • Youtube cookie: Youtube is a platform owned by Google , for video sharing which uses cookies to collect user’s information and navigation devices. Cookies are setto accessthe pagecontainingthe embedandstartvideo.
  • Google Maps: It is a Google servicethatoffersstreet mapsandlocationforurban enterprises. Setcookieson the pagesof the service cancollectdata on the numberanduser’s behavior.
  • DoubleClick DART cookie: It's set by Google toplace tailoredadsto users’ interestsonthissite.

The data sent toGooglewill be deposited withthe Google serversin the United States. For moreinformationon the use ofdataand their treatmentfrom Google, please read: .

For more information the use on the use of data and their treatment from Google, please read this page:

The user canselectively disablethe actionofGoogleAnalytics installing the componentprovided by Google on his browser (opt out).

Todisablethecollection ofdatafrom GoogleAnalytics , please consult the following link:

The user can disable Doubleclick Dart Cookie from the following page:


 Remarketing and Custom Audience: it is set to public personalized announcements in according to user’s interests. Some advertising partners of Facebook too can use cookie and similar technologies to find users.

 Transmitted dates to Facebook are registered at Facebook server in U.S.A. For more information on the use ofdataand their treatmentfrom Facebook, please read the information at the following web address:

 For more information on the use and finality of cookies from Facebook, please read the information at the following web address:

 The user can disable the action of Facebook Remarketing at the following web page of Digital Advertising Alliance:


Vimeo uses cookies in order to check the operationof the scripts andto collect statistical dataon the useof its services. The cookieis set tothe pagewherethereistheembedcode. For more information please read :

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Thissitealso incorporatesplugand/orbuttonsfor social networks, in order to alloweasy sharingofcontenton yourfavorite social networks. Theseplugindo not seta cookie, but ifthey already are onthe visitor's computer, areable toread itand use itaccording totheir settings. Thecollectionand use ofinformation bysuch third partiesare governedby theirprivacy policiesto whichpleaserefer.

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Transfer of data to countries outside the EU

This site maysharesome of the datacollectedwith facilitieslocatedoutside theEuropean Union. The transfer isauthorizedby specificdecisionsof the European Unionandthe Authority for theprotection of personal data. There is no needfurther consent.

Security measures

This site uses users’ data in a lawful and proper way, taking all necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or unauthorized destruction of data. The treatment is carried out by computers. The treatment is done by computer with organizational procedures strictly related to the indicated purposes. In addition to the owner, in some cases, categories of officers involved in the organization of the site, or external workers may have access to data (administrative, commercial, marketing, legals, system administrators) or third party technical service providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies.

Your rights

Under Article7 of Decreeof 30 June 2003 n. 196, theuser hasthe right toobject, in wholeorin part, for legitimate reasons, to the processing and he can :

  • requestconfirmation of the existenceofpersonal dataconcerning him

  • know its origin

  • receive its intelligible communication

  • haveinformation about the terms andpurpose of the processing

  • requireupdating, rectification, integration, cancellation,anonymous transformationor blocking ofdata in violationofthe law, includingthose no longer neededfor the continuationof the purposes forwhich it was collected

  • exercise all therights that arerecognized by the applicableprovisionsoflaw

Requests should beaddressedto the data controller.

Owner, manager and officers of processing

Owner and manager of processing under the law is::

Plastics For Buttons, based in Via del Molino 13, 24060 Chiuduno (BG) Italia at email , or address specified.

Officers of processing is:

, contact at mail .


This privacy policy is updated as of 06/12/2015